Tommy Knife® USS New Jersey Limited Edition Bowie

Tommy Knife® USS New Jersey Limited Edition Bowie

This Limited Edition Tommy Knife® Bowie is fitted with grips crafted from certified teak from the The USS New Jersey (BB-62). 


  • Blade material:  CD#1
  • Blade design:  Bowie
  • Edge finish:  V grind
  • Blade finish:  Gunmetal
  • Grip material:  Teak with metal agent
  • Grip finish (style):  Caveman
  • Grip thickness:  3/8" per side
  • Sheath material:  Kydex - Black

CD#1 Analysis

Single figures are nominal except where noted.

  • Carbon           0.70%             Manganese     0.40%
  • Silicon            1.00%             Chromium        8.25%
  • Nickel             1.50                Molybdenum   1.40%  
  • Vanadium       1.00%             Nitrogen          0.09%
  • Iron Balance

    Heat Treatment - Decarburization

    Micro-Melt CD#1 alloy, like all carbon-bearing tool steels, is subject to decarburization during thermal processing. However, taking proper precautions should insure that there is no decarburization during heat treatment. Salt bath, controlled atmosphere, or vacuum furnaces are acceptable for heat treating this alloy.

    Care and Maintenance

    Each Tommy Knife is hand made, with the best-suited materials. Tommy Knife uses the USS California Knife has the original teak and the CD#1 steel will require minor care.

    Sculpted Teakwood Grips

    Teakwood is some of the most beautiful vintage types of knife handles combined with the origin of the USS California knife collectors can have. Teak trees from southern Asia can grow as high as 40 meters tall and offer rugged knife grips that are worked into finely crafted pieces. By nature, teakwood is resistant to termites and water damage.

    Teakwood Care: NOTHING! Please enjoy your original USS California Teakwood handles unique characteristics. Unfinished, untouched.

    Knife Blade Care: The CD#1 steel will periodically require minor gun oil.