Tommy Knives Are...

A Tool

The best knives are designed with the recognition that they are first and foremost a tool. Tommy knives are carried by individuals and teams all over the world in tactical environments where they are indispensable, and designed for more than cutting. These knives are used to pry, dig, scrape, clean, assemble, and disassemble. Beyond the blade, every part of a Tommy Knife® is designed with purpose, strength, and intention to serve its owner.

A Weapon

Edged weapons have long been used for protection when danger is at its absolute closest. A blade, paired with its owner, is the most intimate form of self-defense and lives in the hearts of many cultures for exactly this reason. To train in edged weapons, share their experiences, be allowed within their distance, or make them are all imbued with virtues of history, appreciation, and, most importantly, trust. Beyond a weapon or tool, a Tommy Knife® is sacred.

A Heirloom

The most highly valued knives are passed through generations as protection. They are given as a symbol of trust and responsibility; a connection between those who have shared the most dire of experiences; and to bestow well-being, safety, or a deep appreciation to those that receive them. Beyond a gift, a Tommy Knife® represents a heirloom that spans history.