Report Counterfeits


All Tommy Knife® knives manufactured after 1 October 2019 are produced with a unique serial number. Tommy Knife maintains records of all serialized products. If you would like to register an older series Tommy Knife® which would be to verify, serializing your knife. You will be mailed out an authentication card to register your knife in the Tommy Knife Registry. Please contact us if you need us to validate and/or register your knife.

What to look for in a genuine Tommy Knife®

The main difference between a genuine Tommy Knife product and a counterfeit will be the feel. A genuine product will feel heavier and more sturdy in hand. Any locking mechanisms will have a solid, satisfying, feel with no play. Look at the details, the logo, the machining around the edges of the blade and the fit and finish. A genuine Tommy Knife® product is built to the highest standards and will have clean, accurate construction with all titanium hardware and Caveman grips.

If you haven’t purchased the product yet and suspect the listing is counterfeit or stolen, the fastest way to verify:

Currently we have NEVER launched any dealers, so if you did not purchase it from Tommy Knife, LLC, it is a counterfeit. *Current as of 1 January 2020.

We have been asked by many to be resellers, which we are going through a selection process. You will be able to to visit in the future our Dealers Page and confirm they are listed as an Authorized Tommy Knife® Dealer.

What to do?

If you are not sure about a product listing or suspect you have purchased a counterfeit product, please reach out to us or contact the FBI directly