TK-Alpha // Spearpoint with Caveman Grip

TK-Alpha // Spearpoint with Caveman Grip

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Knife model: TK-Alpha (Serial # A14SPV)

    **The knife you see in the picture is the actual knife**


    • Blade material:  CTS XHP
    • Blade design:  Spearpoint
    • Edge finish:  V grind
    • Blade finish:  Gunmetal
    • Grip material:  Micarta - Multi-color
    • Grip finish (style):  Caveman (Tang exposed)
    • Grip thickness:  3/8" per side
    • Sheath material:  Kydex - Black


    • Overall Length:  8.0625"
    • Blade Length:  4.25"
    • Cutting edge length:  3.875"
    • Blade Thickness:  0.2"
    • Weight:  0.6 lb

    **Dimensions and weight are based on averages for standardized knife designs and materials. Since each knife is hand made, there might be slight variations in the specifications.**

      About the TK-Alpha:  A mid sized fixed blade. Designed to be carried and used in pairs they are offered in both a right and left chisel grind, as well as the standard V grind for this unit.  The entire Tommy Knife line is designed for a forward or reverse grip application.

      About the Handle:  The Caveman grip handles were designed in a way that when you form a grip the foreign debris is pushed out allowing a secure grip of skin against the material. There are no wraps or acute angles where mud or debris could accumulate which could interfere with a secure solid grip.  If foreign debris is not able to escape from a handle, often seen with wraps or a divot inlay, a smooth and slippery surface will result and error is likely.

      Blade Material:  This TK-Alpha is custom made using CTS XHP, which meets the three major balancing factors: toughness (impact), wear resistance (edge retention) and corrosion.